Move Well Webinar: The Rib Cage What You Need to Know & Why


The ribcage has three major roles in the health of our body, how it moves and more.  Watch this fun, interactive webinar and discover the major roles of the ribcage and why it important for you to know when it comes to the health of your body and how it moves.

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Webinar-Planks, Push-ups and Rows for your Shoulders/Neck



If you have been following our newsletters we have been sharing some great strategies to decrease the tightness, pressure, and discomfort in your eyes, neck, and shoulders.

In this installment, we will look at some common exercises you may be doing and how to bring the new information into your workouts to decrease the pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Planks, push-ups, and rows can all be great exercises for improving upper body and core strength.  Yet, when these same exercises are performed less than optimally they can cause tightness, pain, and injury.

Keys to getting the strength without the tightness pain and injury:

  1. Modify the exercise for success.  This means you can perform the exercise while maintaining the alignment of your spine, neck, and shoulders.
  2. Avoid exercises or performing exercises in a way that changes your alignment or causes you not to be able to breathe properly.
  3. Stop doing the exercise before you lose your alignment,...
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Move Well Webinar: Overcoming Technology Postures: Eyes, Neck & Shoulders


In this interactive webinar, we share why you may be experiencing neck discomfort from your daily technology use and what you can do about it.

There are some super useful tips in this forty-minute video. 

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Do Arm Movements Give You Trouble?

Do you ever feel a twinge in your shoulder when you move your arm(s) in a certain way? 

Maybe it is when you lift your arm a little too high when reaching into the cabinet or bringing your arm down.  Perhaps it is not in your shoulder but more in your neck you feel the discomfort.

There are several muscles that connect your shoulder to your neck, thus why when you move your head or neck you may feel discomfort in one or the other.

There are two primary movements of the arms, pushing and pulling.  How you perform pushing and pulling patterns when exercising and during your daily life can affect how 'good' your arms, head, neck, and ribs will feel.

Today we will look specifically at the concept of pushing.  In everyday life, we push a shopping cart, a. door, a lawn mower, a stroller, a suitcase, and more.  When exercising we push a chest press, overhead press, a cable press, a sled, and others.

An important concept is how we do anything is how we do...

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Do You Struggle with Neck Problems?

When you have neck discomforts like tightness or pain, it can make the day pretty unbearable and make everyday life activities hard.  

Did you know that you have over 20 muscles that connect the base of your head, neck, and jaw to your rib cage and shoulder joint?  

So, if you have neck issues, it may come from something with your rib cage and shoulders.

The same is true in the opposite direction. It may be from something in your head, neck, or rib cage if you have shoulder issues. The body can be pretty complicated. Often, where we feel discomfort in our body could be caused by a problem from someplace else in our body.  

Example:  If I always pull my shoulders down and back to appear to have better posture, this action will stress my neck. The movement of pulling the shoulders down and back stretches the muscles attached from my neck to my shoulders. My brain perceives the feeling of tightness as I pull the muscle long and tight like a...

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