Webinar-Planks, Push-ups and Rows for your Shoulders/Neck



If you have been following our newsletters we have been sharing some great strategies to decrease the tightness, pressure, and discomfort in your eyes, neck, and shoulders.

In this installment, we will look at some common exercises you may be doing and how to bring the new information into your workouts to decrease the pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Planks, push-ups, and rows can all be great exercises for improving upper body and core strength.  Yet, when these same exercises are performed less than optimally they can cause tightness, pain, and injury.

Keys to getting the strength without the tightness pain and injury:

  1. Modify the exercise for success.  This means you can perform the exercise while maintaining the alignment of your spine, neck, and shoulders.
  2. Avoid exercises or performing exercises in a way that changes your alignment or causes you not to be able to breathe properly.
  3. Stop doing the exercise before you lose your alignment, and ability to breathe well or you start compensating to complete the exercise.



Below you will find some dos and don'ts of the popular exercise patterns:  planks, push-ups, and rows. 


If you struggle with neck or shoulder issues of tightness or pain and use these exercises be sure to modify to get maximum benefit from them.  When these exercises are performed with alignment, using breath correctly, and with proper control, you will build strength with the best movement and muscle strategy.

When you perform these exercises without alignment, proper breathing, and control you risk decreasing mobility of your joints, the pliability of your muscles, further wear and tear on your joints and spine, and continued discomfort in the areas of your neck and shoulders.

Do you need help with these exercises and others like them for maximum benefit?

Reach out.  We can help.


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