Move Well Webinar: The Rib Cage What You Need to Know & Why


The ribcage has three major roles in the health of our body, how it moves and more.  Watch this fun, interactive webinar and discover the major roles of the ribcage and why it important for you to know when it comes to the health of your body and how it moves.

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Free up your shoulders and neck

Do you ever find yourself wanting to stretch your neck or shoulders, and you find that it gives you just momentary relief?  Have you ever gotten a massage that felt so great while you were receiving it, and then a day or even an hour later, the tightness returned, and sometimes it felt even worse?  It was not the therapist’s fault or yours.

There is an intimate relationship between your head, neck, shoulders, and rib cage. 

  • Eight muscles connect your head to your neck
  • Six muscles connect your shoulders to your neck
  • Two muscles connect your head to your rib cage
  • Ten muscles connect your rib cage to your neck.

What this should tell us is that we likely can’t just fix one thing, and all our troubles will go away if it were only that easy.

All is not lost, though.

There are many reasons why your neck, shoulders and we will include upper back may feel chronically tight.  Here are a few we see regularly:

  • History of surgery (it does not have to be in the...
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