Squat Patterns and Progressions for Balance, Walking, Fitness & Life


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Keys to Improving Rotation in Life & Sport


If you want to improve your golf or racket swing or feel better walking often, you need to improve the efficiency of how your body rotates. 

When we lack rotation through our spine and pelvis, we move through other areas like the shoulders, hips, and knees. There are three keys to improving rotation and, simultaneously, improving the health of your spine and joints.  They are:

1. Maintain alignment. When you repeatedly move or shear out of alignment, it starts to wear down the discs in the spine and the structure of your joints.  This goes beyond normal wear and tear due to getting older.  Think of a golfer that hits a ball a hundred times a day at full strength.  Without optimal rotation through the spine and hips, the golfer will find the force from other areas in the body.

2. Maintain optimal three-dimensional breathing.  Your deepest core muscle, the diaphragm, is also the primary muscle of respiration. When this muscle does not work...

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Great exercise for balance, walking, and running.

Over the last two newsletters, we have looked at plank and squat progressions and challenged you to do them optimally and earn the right to move on to the next level of progressions.  This time we will look at the split squat which progresses to step-ups. 

The split squat progression is a great way to train, the legs, glutes, as well as, balance, walking, running, and more when performed optimally.

Be sure to set up and check your setup before each set:

  1. Think length through the back of your head, and set your foot tripod with your weight balanced between the base of your big toe, the base of the small toe, and the heel.
  2. Go into a small squat and slide one foot back slightly with the back heel off the ground.
  3. Most of your weight should be on the front foot in the tripod.
  4. Inhale to come up - maintaining the weight on the forward foot.
  5. Exhale to go down - maintaining the weight on the forward foot.
  6. Stay on the same leg for 8 repetitions.
  7. Switch to the other leg repeating...
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