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Commonly Asked Questions

What Is Good Posture?

The ideal posture entails the proper alignment of our joints. When we load our  joints in sitting, standing, or during movement, need to be stacked optimally to decrease injury and wear and tear.


Why is Breathing Important?

A shortlist of why breathing is important:   Breathing oxygenates our blood, decompresses the spine and joints, creates mobility in the rib cage, and can have a positive effect on our nervous system.  When performed inefficiently or incorrectly, breathing can have the opposite effect on our bodies.

Why am I Always Tight?

Our body creates tightness in response to safeguard it from further injury. While chronic tightness is common, it is not normal and can lead to further damage and pain.

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""I have worked with the Integrative Movement Specialist team for several years and they are all truly amazing in their speciality and genuinely care about you as a person. Dr. Osar has not only treats my current ailments (injuries) but also strives to find the root cause in order to resolve the underlying reason for the ailment. Working with Jenice and her fascial therapy techniques has increased my stability in certain areas and has accelerated my recovery time for injuries. Their philosophy on finding solutions really resonates with the team and they have all been an integral part in improving my overall health (wellness) and in reaching my fitness goals. I can't thank them enough - truly a remarkable group of individuals.""

Arrika S.

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