How to Move Through Your Hips or Hip Hinge


You have likely been advised to 'bend through your knees', when picking something up to avoid hurting your back.  While this is good advice it overlooks the most important joint you should move through when picking items up.

In this webinar, we share how to move through your hips and why this is vital for everyday activities and exercise.

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This Motion is Key to Great Feeling Hips & Back

If you have been following our recent newsletters, we have been sharing strategies to help your hips move and feel better. 

In this issue, we will discuss a key to keeping the ideal motion of your hips during everyday activities as well as during exercise.  Bonus to the concept we will discuss today it is also key for the health of your spine.

In the picture below Dr. Osar is demonstrating an optimal hip hinge. 

Keys to a hip hinge:

  • The motion happens in the hip joint (where Dr. Osar's hands are placed)
  • Your head, trunk, spine, and pelvis move together as one.
  • It is ok to have a slight knee bend

In the picture above Dr. Osar is showing us a suboptimal hip hinge.  You can see the moton is occurring at the low back and neck.  If you look at the difference between the glutes in the two pictures notice the glutes in the top photo are in alignment with the rest of the body and in the lower picture the glutes are almost pointing down toward the floor.

The hip...

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