Do you need a strategic plan?

When properly rehabbing a house, a plan is put in place. Depending on the house's history, it may require a multi-step strategic plan. It may need need to be updated to run more efficiently. More time may need to be spent on specific areas or systems.  

When starting a health or fitness program, you need a strategic plan specific to your needs and wants. Like updating a house, it may take longer than the initial plan. Yes, that can be frustrating, and if you know from the start, you can manage your expectations when issues arise.

An example: Sally is a referral after being discharged from physical therapy. She has met their functional goals and still has limited motion in her shoulders, making it difficult to do simple tasks like reaching overhead into the kitchen cabinet, putting on her bra, and doing exercises requiring her arms. Sally has a complicated medical history, including several abdominal surgeries and ankle sprains. In just a couple of sessions, Sally has...

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