Do you need a strategic plan?

When properly rehabbing a house, a plan is put in place. Depending on the house's history, it may require a multi-step strategic plan. It may need need to be updated to run more efficiently. More time may need to be spent on specific areas or systems.  

When starting a health or fitness program, you need a strategic plan specific to your needs and wants. Like updating a house, it may take longer than the initial plan. Yes, that can be frustrating, and if you know from the start, you can manage your expectations when issues arise.

An example: Sally is a referral after being discharged from physical therapy. She has met their functional goals and still has limited motion in her shoulders, making it difficult to do simple tasks like reaching overhead into the kitchen cabinet, putting on her bra, and doing exercises requiring her arms. Sally has a complicated medical history, including several abdominal surgeries and ankle sprains. In just a couple of sessions, Sally has made noticeable progress. However, she trips and falls over a rug in her house, catching herself with the injured arm and bruising her hip on the same side as her ankle sprains.

Sally's medical history and recent fall can be times when things do not go as planned. Often, the more involved the medical history or history of injuries, the more time the body has had to compensate for how it moves around. Movement compensations become engrained habits that affect joints, muscles, alignment, posture, and more.

Is it hopeless for Sally? No, it is not. What will take is a well-laid-out plan, managing the expectations that there are steps to put into place like a good foundation, including finding the best strategies (no compensations) for Sally when moving her body. Once we have these in place, we can start to build strength. If it helps, it is similar to pouring the foundation and updating the electricity and plumbing before putting the walls up when rehabbing a house.

We started 2022 with the theme 'Build Your Body to Last.' It seems the right time to revisit this theme as we are into the latter half of the year. 

Does your history include several surgeries? Have you had falls, sprains, strains, or other accidents? Do you find that even after physical therapy, you still are not doing what you need or want to do?

Are you in need of a strategic plan specific to you? It is never too late to make changes that will improve how you live and move in your body.

Reach out today, and let's put a plan together for you.


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