Posture and Exercises Guideline to Start 2024


Happy New Year!

We hope 2024 is off to a great start!

This year in our newsletters and videos we will be covering and digging into the most optimal way to use posture and exercise for the health of your muscles and joints and overall body.

In our most recent webinar, we covered sitting and standing posture along with:

  1. Hip hinge for your low back
  2. Squat for your hips
  3. Lunges and your knees
  4. Bent over row and the forward shoulder
  5. Triceps and stress in the wrists
  6. Chest press pressure on the spine
  7. Biceps and using inertia
  8. Planks and the spine
  9. Push-ups and the upper back posture
  10. Carries and stress on the shoulders and neck.

Each month this year we will dive deeper into each of the exercises listed above using the principles of the Integrative Movement System, alignment, breathing and control.

We will cover:

  • optimal mechanics
  • common cues that are less than optimal
  • progressions
  • modifications
  • application to everyday life

 We hope you can join us on our monthly webinars to interact...

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