Do You Struggle with Neck & Shoulder Issues?

Prominent organizations like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic agree that the common causes of neck discomfort are posture and osteoarthritis. They both concur that osteoarthritis is the most common cause of shoulder problems. At the same time, prominent orthopedic organizations believe rotator cuff issues like tendonitis to be the most common cause.

Now you know the most common causes of neck and shoulder discomfort. Here is the good news, most of these are related to your habits. Osteoarthritis and tendonitis do not happen overnight. They occur over days, months, and years of repeated activity performed in a manner that wears and tears on the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, cartilage, etc.) and then begins to wear away the bone.

So what is the good news?

You can change your habits to slow the wear and tear in these areas. The biggest challenge is knowing what to change and how to make the changes.

A widespread piece of advice is to get stronger. Very often, this is not good...

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