Avoid this posture for the health of your hips and back

Once we tell you this, you may find you use this posture often, and if you struggle with low back discomfort or tight hips (especially in the front of the hips) or tight IT bands, you will want to stop this posture.

What posture is it?

It is the posture of tucking your glutes or pelvis.

If you are currently working with us, you have likely heard us say this already and may still find you need help with this posture if you do not actively check-in with yourself.

How does tucking your glutes create problems in your low back or hips?

Try this:

  1. Stand up.
  2. Place one hand on your spine in your low back, just above your pelvis.  
  3. March in place one time to shake out your current posture.
  4. Keeping your hand on your spine, squeeze your glutes.
  5. You likely feel the pressure in your hand from your spine flexing back into your hand.
  6. If not, lower your hand on your spine and try again.

Next, place your thumbs in the crease of your leg where your thigh bone meets your hip.

  1. March in...
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