What is Good Posture?

We often receive the question, 'what is good posture'.  There is definitely a bit of a debate about it.  Last week we looked at the forward head position commonly today is known as 'tech neck'. 

Today we will work our way down the spine to the upper and midback, known as the thoracic area of the spine.  A common cue or directive you may have been given from a young age is to sit or stand up straight.  This may have included 'lift your chest', 'pull your shoulder down and back.'

These directions were well-meaning. No one wanted you to look like a slouch or develop a hump in your back.  The fact is, that often with repeated use of these cues over time we can start to change the natural posture of our spine.  If you look at the picture of the spine below the spine has gentle curves throughout.  The curve in the upper and middle back actually sways back creating what is called a kyphosis versus the low back which curves the opposite way into a...

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Keep Your Hips Moving

Do you feel like you lack good motion in your hips?  Struggle with hip discomfort when you do some or most activities?

Let’s talk about how to get your hips moving, and feeling better and stronger.

First, let’s look at the hip joint.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint.  Unlike our knee joint, it means it should be able to move in several directions. 

The healthy hip joint allows you to move the thigh bone forward, backward, side-to-side, turn it in and turn it out.  It is also a joint that allows you to bend forward like a hip hinge or a waiter’s bow motion.

There are several reasons we may lose motion in our joints.

  • Injury
  • Surgery
  • What we have learned
  • What we do

All of these can create habits that can lead to further breakdown of the hip joints.

A common type of hip discomfort is in the front of the hip.  It can start with feelings of tightness like if you could just stretch the front of the hip, then pinching with certain...

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