What is the best way to squat?

Clients always ask, what is the best way to squat? 

Do you know the answer to the question below?

When you squat or sit down, do you tend to bend first at:
a. your neck
b. your knees
c. your low back
d. your hips


Hopefully, you answered d. However, folks often say knees; yes, your knees should bend when you squat or sit. However, it should not be the first place that you move.

You can see by picture (d) that as the person goes into the squat, the whole torso moves from the hips to the head.

If you stand up and place your hands on the crease on the top, front of your leg, where your thigh bone meets your hip joint, this is the joint or area where you should start moving when you sit or squat.

It seems like it should be easy; however, for many people, the first thing they do is bend their knees (pic B) or their back (pic C).

Initiating the movement from your hip joint will help save your knees and spine. It will also help with your balance. Bending through your hips helps balance your body weight over your feet versus letting it go back into your heels leading to falling backward.

If you tend to be someone who falls into a chair or the couch or lets gravity take you down, you likely do not bend through your hips.

Squatting optimally is essential. We squat all day. For example, sitting on a chair, on the toilet, getting into a car, and more. Sitting is the squat position.

Do your body a big favor and learn to squat well.

If you have questions about squats or how to perform them correctly for your back, knees, and balance, reach out. We can help.


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