The key to maximizing your core training...

You may have been told by a professional that if you strengthen your core, it will help with your pain or discomfort. You may do core exercises in hopes of having a leaner-looking midsection.


Despite your reason for doing core exercises, consider the quote above.

Before we can think of the outside appearance, as the above quote suggests, we must first want to understand the foundation, which is deeper than the eye can see.

There are several core muscles below the superficial six or eight-pack that we can visually see. Today we will consider the one that if it does not function correctly, nor will much else in our body.

The diaphragm muscle is a round dome-shaped muscle located deep inside your trunk, separating your upper body (thorax) from your abdominal area. It sits inside your rib cage and attaches to your ribs, breastbone, and spine. It is the primary muscle of respiration. When you inhale, it flattens, returning to a dome shape as you exhale.

The mechanism of movement...

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