The Benefits to Working Out Smarter

You have heard it before - "work smarter, not harder".

Unfortunately, you do not often hear this same sentiment in the fitness/workout world.  

Instead, one of the most common phrases we hear is 'No pain, no gain'. Why?

If you look up the history of this quote, a version of it dates back as early as 1577 by British poet Nicholas Breton.   It has also been rumored to be coined by Benjamin Franklin. However, in the fitness world, we have Jane Fonda apparently to thank for making this the theme of working out in the present day.

Well, Ms. Fonda, we have moved beyond leotards and tights, so we will move beyond thinking pain will cause us any optimal gain when it comes to working out and the health of our bodies.  

Instead, let's borrow the phrase from Fred DeVito, "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." Working out should challenge you but not to the point of pain.

For many of us, working smarter and not harder is...

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