The Magic is in the Details

Clients often say, "I'm not sure what we just did, but it was like magic my legs feel so much lighter or my neck is moving so much better".  Well, we are hardly magicians. We don't wear magic hats and pull rabbits from them.  

What we do is not magic, but the magic feeling happens in the details and you too can experience the magic.  

Getting your body to move and feel better through exercise requires three details:

  1. Optimal alignment or close to it
  2. Three-dimensional breathing
  3. Using the right effort for the task at hand or known as control

As you know exercise comes in all forms.  If you feel a need to stretch during or after exercise you likely missed or compromised one of the above.

Compromise happens for many reasons, the weight was too heavy, fatigue, too much time, previous injuries, poor movement habits, poor exercise habits, pushing yourself beyond the point where your body can maintain the three details above.

None of this means you should not lift heavy weight or exercise for an extended period of time, or that you have never recovered from injuries or that you will never feel tight.

If you feel chronically tight or always feel a need to stretch, your body is sending you a clear message that something in your posture, movements, habits, etc., makes it feel misalgined unsteady, or off balance and it feels a need to tighten down to keep it safe from harm.

You are likely familiar with the phrase 'batten down the hatches'.  When a captain knows a storm is coming they will 'batten down the hatches' to keep things in safe and in place. This is what your body is doing when you get tight.  It is preparing for something bad and tightening things down to keep your body safe.

In this month's series of emails we will show you the magic in the details when exercising to help your body feel safe while moving and feeling better.


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