If you’ve been following us recently then you know we’re helping you address your habits so that you can make this your healthiest year ever.

Why are we discussing habits and how do your habits relate to improving and consistently maintaining your health over many years?

Because nothing significantly changes in your life until you address your current habits and adopt a set of new habits.

Not adopting a new set of habits is why so many well-intentioned folks begin their New Year’s diet and exercise program and within a few weeks or months they are right back to their old eating and activity levels.

I know this firsthand because my gym is always packed in January and by March the number of individuals in the gym has decreased and I’m back to seeing the ‘regulars.’

So how are some individuals able to consistently go to the gym regardless of the time of year?

Why are some individuals able to maintain their weight regardless of holidays, vacations, weddings, and other social obligations?

Simply, it comes down to adopting certain practices or habits.

Another way of thinking about these habits is to think about someone you know who is extremely successful. Maybe a parent who has raised awesome children, an individual who has started and grown a successful company, or someone who has completed an Ironman.

To succeed, these individuals had to develop a specific set of habits.

If you are not successful in an area of your life – health, finances, relationships, etc. – it is because you haven’t adopted the right set of habits in that area.

Creating a new set of habits is relatively easy when you understand the rules.

That’s why I have been sharing with you the 3 Rules for creating any new habit you want in your life.


What are Micro-Habits?

Micro-Habits are simple things you do every single day to develop sustainable habits around your posture and movement.

We’re dedicated to helping you make this year the best you’ve ever had as it relates to how you move and how you feel.

Commit to the journey with us and watch how you can create any change – in your weight, your fitness level, in how you feel – and more importantly, sustain those changes.

Share the habits you are undertaking on our CIMS Facebook page so we can support you in your journey and in turn be supported by the CIMS community.

Using The Micro-Habit Plan as part of The Habit Change Formula I’ve accomplished three significant habit changes around my own health including:

1. Writing in my journal every single day for over one year (helping me be more grateful and ensure I’m focused on my goals).

2. Going grain and dessert free for 109 days straight and counting (helping me feel better and be leaner so I can be in the best shape of my life).

3. Meditating for 5 minutes every single day for the past 39 days (allowing me to get my mindset right each day and work on my breathing).

Make it a great week