Where Are You On the Wellness Continuum?

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2022

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, wellness is defined as:

  1. The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when actively maintained by proper diet, exercise, and avoidance of risky behavior.
  2. The state of being well or in good health.
  3. The quality or state of being in good health.

In 1978 Dr. John Travis created the Illness to Wellness Continuum pictured below. Dr. Travis feels, 'it less important where you are on the continuum; it's more important which direction you're facing – toward illness or wellness.'

As we start to look at the new year and set goals or resolutions,

which direction are you facing on the continuum?

Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit is essential for a state of wellness. 

If your answer was you are facing towards wellness on the chart and are aware there that you need to learn more to grow towards greater wellness partner with us and let's keep you moving toward greater wellness.

If you are already working with us and want to do a new year evaluation and goal-setting session, reach out and let's get that scheduled.

We wish you the very best in 2023!


P.S. The nose is for breathing. The mouth is for eating.

 ~ Traditional Proverb

This old proverb is direct with crucial information for your health.  

Focus on breathing in and out through your nose. Allow the natural filtration system of your nose to clean, warm, and moisten the air you breathe. A key to wellness is breathing well.  

Make this your first resolution in the new year, and you will be on the road to wellness!


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