Part II – How to Improve Your Health using The Micro-Habit Plan™

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2019


We’re helping you address your habits.

Why is it so important to address your habits?

Because nothing significantly changes in your life until you address your current habits and adopt a set of new habits.

While you need motivation to get you started, you will not sustain any changes until you change something you do every single day.

Every significant change you’ve ever made in your life – around your weight, business, finances, and/or your relationships – only happened because you changed your habits.

You either stopped doing something that was holding you back or you adopted a positive habit that helped you accelerate forward.

Changing habits are hard…

…because we like the comfort and familiarity of our current habits.

Our current habits make up a large portion of our daily routines. Our daily routine is what makes our life easier…

…and is also what holds us back from achieving our health and fitness goals.

You see, our current non-optimal habits around the food we eat, posture, movement, and mindset are precisely what is holding us back from accomplishing our health and fitness goals.

Because our current habits are so hard to break, we have dedicated the next 3 months to helping you change your habits around posture and movement.

And to support you in your journey, we are also adopting our own set of habits so that we are following our own advice.

The easiest and most sustainable method for adopting any new habit is to start with what we call “Micro-Habits”.

What are “Micro-Habits”?

“Micro-Habits are small habits you adopt every single day, that are easy to incorporate into your day, and that you can easily track and measure.”

I’ve adopted several healthy habits over the past few months/year using this exact formula we’re sharing with you.

Using “Micro-Habits” I’ve accomplished three significant habit changes including:

  • Writing in my journal every single day for over one year
  • Going grain and dessert free for 105 days and counting
  • Meditating for 5 minutes every single day for the past 35 days

To get you started on your way to creating new habits in your own life, I’m sharing with you the 3 Rules of Habit Change.

These are the same rules I’m writing about in my new book The Habit-Change Formula due out next year.

Rule 1 is to take responsibility for the only 2 things you are in control of.

I share with you Rule 2 for creating any habit change in your life so that you can accomplish your health and fitness goals.

We’re dedicated to helping you make this year the best you’ve ever had as it relates to how you move and how you feel.

Commit to the journey with us and see how you can create any change in your health and fitness that you want…

…and more importantly, sustain those changes.

See you in part 3 of this series.

Please make sure you share the habits you are undertaking on our CIMS Facebook page so we can support you in your journey and in turn be supported by the CIMS community.


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